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Video: Super-Cute Hello Kitty iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

Popular cartoon cat Hello Kitty is getting another gadget treatment. This time, it’s a super-cute speaker dock for the iPod or iPhone, offered by a Japanese company called CAV [JP]. The dock is an update to a very similar model CAV started offering in August.

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TheColbertinator3825d ago

The Hello Kitty docking station looks amazing.I would buy it as soon as I see it.I have collected tons of Hello Kitty gear from umbrellas,pens and even "plushies"

toaster3824d ago

LOL You would. It actually doesn't look bad.

TheColbertinator3824d ago

Ladies love Hello Kitty.I love the ladies.Therefore I love Hello Kitty ^_^

michass83824d ago

funny, little Hello Kitty. most girls just love it... this is a really good gift idea.. :D... and that sub-woofer :)