Concept Traffic Light Shows How Much Time Is Left Through A Sand Glass

You ever find yourself stuck at a traffic light that'll just never turn green? Doesn't it feel like forever? If traffic lights used this concept LED Sand Glass, you'll know exactly how much time is left.

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toaster3830d ago

This is really cool, hopefully it can be implemented sometime in the future. Right now there are some places with timers above the light and it counts down to when the light will change but this design is much more appealing.

michass83830d ago

Great concept. All drivers will love it.

Syko3830d ago

The whole turning yellow prior to turning green part is what I don't get. Seems like a recipe for confusion and accidents. Great design though.

HavenOfFear3830d ago

This is a great concept. Although there might be a possibility of a few abusing it. Like people speeding to beat the timer before the light changes (not like people don't do it) but there's a possibility for confusion like Syko 360 said. Also a person who's at the intersection seeing the red might try to go as soon as they can. So there would have to be some tinkering here and there

fatstarr3829d ago

the dual yellow system might be a problem

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