If you can't beat'em, join'em; MySpace surrenders to Facebook

Today, MySpace and Facebook held a press conference to announce a new partnership, or more of an official surrendering ceremony for MySpace.

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Pandemic3795d ago

I was always expecting MySpace to come to a close, at first it was very popular, but with Facebook and the larger community, it just lost it's way.

deafwing3793d ago

it was only a matter of time ... and a gabazillion fb users.

Captain Tuttle3795d ago

One of Rupert Murdoch's rare bad business decisions.

TheColbertinator3795d ago

Hahahahaha die MySpace,just die.Now I can finally lift my head out of the morons who prefer MySpace and stick it to their emo ultra conceited egos.

vhero3794d ago

its a shame really as myspace is a LOT more customisable

Myst3793d ago

That's one aspect of myspace I always liked about it. Facebook is nice and all, but by far the things you could do with myspace just made it all the more appealing.

Pandemic3793d ago

So true, I enjoyed adding music, adding themes etc to my MySpace page, unfortunately, you can't do this on Facebook.