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VUDU Hits PS3 on November 23rd, UI overhaul coming mid-December

Engadget: First Netflix, then Hulu Plus, and now VUDU. The movie rental service is making its way onto PlayStation 3 just in time for Thanksgiving later this month -- November 23rd, to be exact. If you're familiar with Walmart's recently-acquired video service, you know the drill: on-demand HD titles streamed for a fee, up to 1080p and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound.

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TheColbertinator3832d ago

With Netflix,Hulu Plus and the PSN Video Store,it seems to pointless to add on this feature to PSN.There are already 3 huge content delivery features on PSN and I see too many staking a claim.

What's next? Joost? Sidereel?