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$99 CVS Sylvania Netbook Computer Video Review | TechPinger

The Sylvania netbook from CVS is almost certainly running Windows CE, that is not compatible with software that users may want to load. Comparatively, most netbooks sold today run Windows 7 Starter or Windows XP. It is true that this netbook will allow you to connect to the Internet to browse the web, edit some types of documents — but you’ll notice in the video review below that the device will default to the mobile version of each website you visit, instead of the regular one you should find when using a computer.

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TheColbertinator3832d ago

That CVS computer looks like an abomination.For 99$,its still a rip-off.I'm stunned CVS is selling such garbage...wait no I'm not :P

michass83832d ago

it is good idea to manufacture cheep devices like this one. Affordable computer for poor regions. keep everybody connected to the web. made by good cause...