Sony HXR-MC50E professional camcorder review (GGG)

GGG: The Sony HXR-MC50E is a Full HD AVCHD camcorder with 64GB of embedded flash memory. Boasting an external stereo microphone, a proprietary lens attachment and a 12-megapixel CMOS R sensor, it can be viewed as an attempt to the bridge the gap between the consumer and prosumer markets. In fact, Sony is marketing the HXR-MC50E as a 'professional camcorder' — but with no dedicated focus ring or XLR audio inputs, we think this is a bit of a stretch.

With that caveat in mind, the Sony HXR-MC50E remains one of the best video cameras on the market.

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syra3820d ago

Easy. First, read the rest of this thread. The low light test for this Sony model was fatally flawed because it does not adjust for the lens focal lengths being different. Second, the test does attempt to measure something scientifically, but that doesn’t mean it is what makes for the actual best low light videos. Just read comments from owners of the 500 and 550 series camcorders who film in low light. Then go view the clips posted on YouTube and other places. I know for me that anything grainy is poor low light video where I’m concerned and these Sony Exmor-R chips produce very noise-free video. The colors are also better in the Sony based on the low light clips I’ve seen on some of the German or European websites that let you compare the camcorder clips directly. When your eyes contradict the test results, you think twice about the test results is therefore probably the simplest answer to your question.