New Toshiba HDD Withstands Extreme Temperatures, Can Be Used 24/7

Toshiba announced the MK1060GSCX today, a 2.5-inch SATA type HDD with 100GB capacity that’s designed for use in “rugged operating environments”. The company says the hard drive can be used 24 hours a day in computing, industrial and other non-conventional environments (i.e. in ATMs, ruggedized computers, factories etc.).

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TheColbertinator3835d ago

If I see one of those HDDs,I should install into my PS3 just for the lulz.I have a 40 gig HDD so perhaps its time for a modest upgrade

GodsHand3835d ago

While I would agree, I would say just fork over the money on an older HDD $60-$70 for a 500 GB HDD. I am sure this will be priced above that. I am guessing at $100 - $200 just because of the ability to run 24/7. I would not be surprised to see it offered at $300.

TheColbertinator3834d ago

I would agree that the HDD would be overpriced but it will come down in value fast if most people realize what it is.Like I said I would only buy it for the lulz