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Ozone Radon 5K Laser Gaming Mouse (BmR)

When gamer spends $1000 on new hardware but still uses a basic Microsoft mouse and keyboard they might be holding themselves back when it comes to their gaming experience. In order to fix this many companies have started creating peripherals specifically with the task of bringing about the best gaming experience possible. Ozone's newest addition to the fray is the Ozone Radon 5k Gaming Mouse which boasts the 5600DPI Twin Eye sensor, and a 1000Hz polling rate, all for around $70. These specs look like they could add up to a great mouse but can Ozone compete with the likes of Razer, Logitech, Steelseries, and even Microsoft? Benchmark Reviews will run the Radon 5k through its paces to see if it really is as good as it looks on paper.

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