The best Nvidia graphics cards you can buy

With AMD stealing Nvidia's thunder a tad recently, the big N seems a little dazed by having the carpet pulled out from under it so mercilessly.

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toaster3801d ago

Zotac's AMP is a beautiful thing, their partnership with Zalman is awesome and the AMP edition cards always have impressive coolers.

Pandemic3800d ago

I really need to buy a new graphics card, at the moment I have a 512MB Nvidia graphics card, I'm hoping to either go for a Nvidia graphics card with either 712MB or 1GB.

toaster3800d ago

Memory means little to nothing, a 5770 has 1GB of memory and a GTX 460 has 756MB of memory, the 460 will be faster. It depends on the architecture, drivers, etc.. like the 4GB 5970, performance is great but if you pair up 2 GTX 580s with 1.5GB the 580 will be faster.