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HEXUS: ASUS 23in VG236H 3D Vision monitor review

HEXUS: ASUS has bought into NVIDIA's 3D Vision ecosystem with the release of two 23in monitors. Known as the VG236H for the package which includes NVIDIA's 3D Vision kit and VG236HE for the standalone 3D monitor, the fully-loaded bundle, which throws in 3D glasses and infrared transmitter, currently retails for £390. The standalone monitor, meanwhile, is available for £270.

Why so expensive when quality 23in, 1,920x1,080-resolution monitors can be picked up for half that amount? The requirements for NVIDIA's 3D Vision dictate that supporting monitors be able to pump out a super-lush 120Hz refresh rate - double that of most regular monitors - in order to keep a smooth 60Hz rate coming to each eye. The 3D Vision kit retails at £125 on its own, so add in these two factors together and while £390 is still a bitter pill to swallow for a 23in monitor, you can see where most of the extra cost is apportioned in the top-line bundle.

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