Turn Your iPhone Into a Stungun

MultiTouchFans writes: First off: Is this real? Honestly, I have no idea. They claim that it is legit on their Twitter account, and seem to be taking orders on their website (though it says “online ordering will resume soon”, so take it for what it is). And realistically, I can’t imagine that an iPhone battery could discharge enough electricity to actually stun anyone, although I am not a certified batterologist.

If it is real, then I predict there will be quite a few lawsuits between neighbor-kids for pranks gone wrong, but the creator claims that it ‘only’ generates 90,000 volts, which isn’t enough to actually hurt someone, since high amperage—not voltage—usually does the most damage.

Apparently, it works with any iPhone, no jailbreak required, and doesn’t need a 3rd party app (which sounds fishy to me)—just hold down both volume buttons and shock the nearest bystander.

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