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Reader Poll: "3D Blu-ray? We'll stick to DVDs, thanks."

PCW: In a recent PC World poll, over 35 per cent of readers claimed they had no interest in Blu-ray whatsoever – and were instead sticking to the DVD format.

Of the remaining respondents, 31 per cent claimed they would only invest in 2D Blu-ray, while 19 per cent said they were sitting on the fence.

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csimpson3842d ago

3D is destined to struggle until they get rid of the glasses.

grumpysmurf3842d ago

Is there any reason why our old Blu-ray players can't play 3D Blu-ray discs via a firmware update? It worked for the PlayStation 3, so why not a regular BD player?

Dramscus3841d ago

ey run an older standard of hdmi that has less bandwidth. need 1.4 to do 3d. The ps3 has 1.3 and uses its processor to boost the image into 3d speeds. Most players don't have spare processor speed to throw at such a task