Air Force to End the Need for Pilots In 6th Generation Fighters

The United States Air Force is now looking for a F-22 Raptor replacement. It must be in service by 2030 and, for the first time ever, they want to be able to deploy these combat fighters unmanned and remotely controlled.

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theonlylolking3843d ago

Since these are remote controlled they should have game pad so video gamers can pwn.

INehalemEXI3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

This will work in most cases but when your enemy rivals you technologically.

They could just nullify your unmanned forces with a signal disruption, or even turn them against you. So There will still have to be pilots. Relying solely on unmanned would leave you open IMO.

Still the unmanned crafts could execute maneuvers regularly with out human limitations. Giving an advantage.

INehalemEXI3843d ago

Having a dual seat F-22, where you have a pilot , and the second man remotely pilots the Unmanned craft would be awesome.

STiRacer3842d ago

Remote controlled EMP capable UAV FTW.