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MSI Jumps on the 3D Bandwagon with CX620 Laptop

Buying into the 3D hype yet? MSI hopes so, which just announced its CX620 3D laptop with a 15.6-inch HD LED backlit screen. As with just about every current 3D device, you'll need to don a pair of special glasses to see all those effects Avatar made popular.

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Pandemic3844d ago

I guess it'd be pretty cool to have the feature of travelling and moving around and be able to watch movies in 3D on your laptop.

The system specifications look pretty good to.

doctorstrange3844d ago

But isnt 3D not that useful under 40" or something?

toaster3843d ago

lol wut? Tell that to the people who've been gaming with nVidia 3D Vision since 2008.