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Get a PS3 Free With This Holiday Sony Bravia 3DTV Deal

A 3D TV may not be on everyone’s Christmas list. Not because they don’t want one, but because they can’t afford one. It’s just too expensive. Thanks to a special pre-holiday sale, it doesn’t have to be. A free PS3 added to the mix sure doesn’t hurt it any either.

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doctorstrange3844d ago

If I had the money, I'd be all over that 55" TV

Sev3844d ago

They have a 60inch model too but it's $2K more than the 55inch. Great TVs though. Even without 3D the picture is gorgeous.

doctorstrange3844d ago

I'm sure I've heard somewhere that 3D TVs are actually better at producing 2D content then most 2D only TVs

snoop_dizzle3844d ago

Yeah. It's not necessarily because they are 3d tv's that make them good at 2d picture, simply that they are higher end displays than the mid range and low end ones most people would buy. When a feature like 3d comes out, it will likely work its way down from the higher end displays to the rest of them over time.

doctorstrange3844d ago

Ah yeah, that makes sense. Well the good thing about Bravias is you know they are of a high quality for 3D or 2D

michass83844d ago

do you still need to wear glasses for this tv??
I heard that sony and toshiba developing 3d tv without glasses, is it this one yet?