Panasonic sinks $30 million into Tesla, begs for an earlier Model S build

Engadget: Okay, so executives at Panasonic probably aren't in any big hurry to get ahead in the long, long wait for a Model S, but a $30 million gift could probably get 'em just that. Panny has this week sunk quite a few bills into Tesla by way of a common stock purchase, and while the two have expressed fondness for each other before, this kind of investment doesn't happen without a serious tie-up being in the works. Of course, Panasonic just so happens to be the planet's leading battery cell manufacturer, and as of now, it's being called Tesla's "preferred lithium-ion battery cell supplier for its battery packs." So yeah, you know where to look first when things start overheating, melting or spontaneously erupting in flames.

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