Mobile Product of the Year: Apple iPad 3

Wired: The laptop is at its end. You may have already purchased your last one. We’ve touched the future, and it feels a lot like the iPad. The gesture-based interface is instantly understandable and better than anything else we’ve tried—ever. It’s addictive, and we find ourselves attempting to swipe and tap and stroke the displays on our desktops and are disappointed when they ignore our caresses. But the deep hotness here is the Internet everywhere—3G flowing through a rich, eyeball-friendly screen on a device lighter than, well, some issues of this very magazine. After just a few months, we already feel genuine affection. Sure, it could be improved: Give it a camera, a supersharp Retina display, and more data-plan options, please. But don’t copy everything iPhone; we’re fine keeping the antenna on the inside. And seriously: Liberate us from AT&T. But for now, this is it. If you don’t have one yet, you will soon enough.

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