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Is the netbook really dead, or is it just powering up?

WHEN the Apple iPad was released, many industry observers said it would signal the end of cheap, low-powered laptops known as "netbooks".

The thinking was: "Why have a teeny-tiny portable laptop, when you can have a big touch screen device, complete with built-in mobile internet?"

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toaster3846d ago

Why anyone would want a netbook is beyond me. The keyboards are too small, the screen is too small, everything about it is just not ergonomic.

Pandemic3846d ago

Agreed, the keys are a bit small, they are also really thin which is pretty annoying.

doctorstrange3845d ago

Like Gamescom etcm bringing my laptop is a real pain, a netbook would be a great way to lighten my load

Seraphim3845d ago

personally I've been looking into one because they are cheap, & I don't really need a full fledged laptop. But I like the idea of having something that's portable for on the road, in the garage, or even just across the room in my gaming chair. My concern with them has been processor speeds and lack of ram. Mix in the fact that not much more money can get you a pretty solid laptop... they do seem pointless. I think they're still priced a bit too steep for what you get. Personally a netbook would be suitable more for my needs than a laptop but for several reasons when I do buy something it will almost undoubtably be an actual laptop

Jakooboo3846d ago

Honestly, I like my netbook for walking around. I keep my fancy-ass laptop around for real work and legitimate travel.

michass83845d ago

Netbooks are handy for trips (trains, plains, etc.), good battery life, small size which is good if you on the move..

Pandemic3845d ago

Yeah, it's a laptop that's slip and compact. Great for as you said, travelling.