Nintendo: Microsoft and Sony are playing 'Follow the Leader'

A new era of motion control gaming kicks of tomorrow, November 4th of 2010, as Microsoft releases its Kinect system. Kinect takes a novel new approach to motion-controlled video gaming by eliminating handheld controllers altogether and instead relying on the player's body to literally become the controller. Roughly a month ago, rival company Sony released its own motion control system in what's known as PlayStation Move, which uses a more conventional handheld controller scheme coupled with a small video camera that tracks the movements of players and the PS Move controllers.

Both of these, however, had been beaten to the punch by Nintendo which made the gamble with a fully motion-controlled home gaming console when the Wii was released on November 19th of 2006 -- a fact that Nintendo isn't shy to point out.

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doctorstrange3846d ago

But then again, the whole industry is about them sharing, copying and competing.

michass83846d ago

thats how the industry works... companies picks up what is the best (what is selling) and place it to own devices.
another great example is the mobile phones industry.

TheColbertinator3840d ago

Let them copy Nintendo and the big N will simply eat them alive.Microsoft and Sony will fall far behind when Nintendo introduces their new console and the game will restart.Sony and MS should focus on making defective hardware again before tackling Nintendo again