Verizon To Finally Unveil iPhone On November 9th?

An inside source at Verizon has provided RipTen with some long awaited information. According to an email sent out by corporate today, Verizon will be unveiling ...

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Hitman07693821d ago

Hell yeah I've been waiting for this, maybe some more people will join the App Store gaming phenomena now.

CrzyFooL3821d ago

Seriously, it's about time.

toaster3820d ago

If you just want the apps then get an iPod Touch. Pretty much has every function of the iPhone but without proper calling and SMS. There are apps that will let you send texts and VoIP is an option as well.

jaredhart3821d ago

Sweet! But I'm waiting for the PSP phone.

Hitman07693821d ago

Personally I'd prefer a PSP2 to either of these.

doctorstrange3821d ago

And iPhone is a perfect mix, sadly I doubt my budget will allow that

jaredhart3820d ago

Hurry up and come out already.

astar1234567893820d ago

apple will show it off before verizon, its apple.