New hologram technology brings 3-D to life

Executives may not be able to beam a full three-dimensional image of themselves across the world just yet but researchers are a step closer to 3-D real-time images, an advance in holographic technology that could make video conferencing far more lifelike.

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Pandemic3814d ago

Amazing, hologram technology isn't something I'd see in a few more years, but it's already being tested.

As the article said, it should definitely be good for things like meetings, etc.

Ru3813d ago

I dunno 1 frame every 2 seconds is far from 60 per second!
One day...
Perhaps in the year 2525!

toaster3813d ago

lol That is really, really bad. As for meetings, why not just stick to conventional ways like video conference? At least until we figure out how to fully take advantage of holograms.