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58 Inch iPhone to Compete With Microsoft Surface | Table Connect

Check out the new iPhone 5 below! Just joking. You can see in the picture below a 58 inch capacitive multi-touch touchscreen that is called Table Connect.

Check out all the features and the demo video!

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gadgeteergirl3818d ago

How much more interesting would eating Christmas dinner be, with this as a table!

comancsm3818d ago

:)) eat your turkey and play angry birds:))

Adu883818d ago

that table is so cool :)

Scenarist3817d ago

I think Microsoft has the one up in technology on this one tho.
and just for reference of what I mean (dont feel like googling so im 100% sure)

A few years back , Microsoft was able to sit items on its table and have the items recognized ie: credit card , id card etc... buying something online? just sit your credit card on the table.

doctorstrange3817d ago

And you could put your phone on the table and it would display contacts, photo's videos etc - very cool, yet ultimately pointless.

Pandemic3817d ago

Such a large table, would be pretty weird to have dinner on an iPhone, would be very unfortunate if you spilt a sort of liquid on it, eek.

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