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Sony's 10 Greatest Tech Flops

Since its founding in 1946, Sony has produced some of the biggest hits in consumer electronics. Brand names like Walkman, Handycam and Trinitron helped define the company as a giant in the industry and more recent hits like Cybershot, Vaio, Bravia and PlayStation have helped keep it there.

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Sparv-en3818d ago

Hopefully companies learn from mistakes just as we humans do :)

doctorstrange3818d ago

Some of these products did have promise, and price and poor execution was its biggest problem

naimatkhan3817d ago

Their marketing was sluggish.

Syko3818d ago

Hardly call the OLED a failure since other companies have taken the tech and run with it, but in the context of Sony ditching it I guess it can be considered a flop.

Now we wait for the MS Tech Flop counter piece that we all know is coming, It's the cosmic way the internets balances itself. lol