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Google Sues United States Government


Wow this is a big story, how often do you hear about the US Government being sued by a corporation. Well Google seems to think that it is necessary to prove their point.

Google is suing the Government because they believe that they did not fully evaluate Google Apps when choosing a new web-based document system. The Government had stated that it need the system to be a part of Microsoft's Business Productivity Suite. Now since Google isn't Microsoft, they really did not stand a chance in hell.

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doctorstrange3818d ago

Considering Google cheats on taxes its hardly fair for them to cry foul

MNicholas3818d ago

The US Government has a long tradition of favoring certain contractors which means that even so-called "competitive bids" are really no-bid contracts which, as we all know, has been to the detriment of the tax payers.

Just look at what happened with defense contracts with Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and others continuing to receive trillions of dollars (not a typo) of tax dollars despite repeated failure to meet contract requirements.