Limewire is no great loss

OnSoftware: "LimeWire, you see, despite having the most complete feature set of any of the major Gnutella clients, was not a piece of software that engendered much love from software experts. Sure, it was hugely popular. But with network-specific software, popularity just breeds popularity: it is not a sign of real objective quality."

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treylathikes3819d ago

Numerous times my friends would call me to fix their computers and i'd find the cause of all the trouble to be LimeWire. And the worst part is that these were mostly inexperienced users who ran it because they heard you could download songs. Instead, they got a bunch of exe files and infected their machines. Still amazing that it was around for so long. I assumed it bit the dust long ago as i haven't been required to fix my mates' computers in a while now; i guess they got a bit more savvy along the way, too.

AuToFiRE3819d ago

I wasnt a fan of limewire, instead I used frostwire which is open source and still going