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Hotmail now works with other e-mail accounts, even Gmail

Windows Live Hotmail has a new trick up its sleeve--one that's aimed directly at getting users with e-mail accounts on other services to use it exclusively, even if they keep that address.

That trick, which begins rolling out to Hotmail users today, lets them add accounts from other Web mail services that can be read and sent from within the Hotmail Web client.

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AuToFiRE3779d ago

Interesting, dont know if they will end up charging for it like they did with other features and pop3 on outlook

treylathikes3779d ago

I'll be sticking with Gmail. It's had this feature for ages, allowing users to send/receive from Hotmail and ISP accounts. Wonder if Yahoo! allows you to do the same?

michass83779d ago

you are right, Gmail has had this feature for years... and free