48% of IT pros to use XP after it's discontinued

There have been two new releases of the Windows operating system since the release of Windows XP in 2001, yet XP market share is still predominantly ruling the market. Since the release of Windows 7, some people have decided to move but others haven’t.

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treylathikes3816d ago

I know where i work the Win 7 roll-out has been a little bumpy -- Novell issues causing BSOD when accessing network content -- so i guess it is wise to stick with what works until Win 7 is 100 per cent proven in a business environment. It'sone thing for a small business to roll out Win 7 with no problems, but medium-to-large sized business rolling out Win 7 can't afford any niggling problems, so if their Win XP environment continues to work flawlessly, then no point in moving up just yet. And the machines are locked down properly, the security issues shouldn't really come into it.

As for the office Ribbon interface, it takes a while to get used to it; employees would have to re-learn how to use office. Easier to just stick with what they know.