Digg laying off more employees, trying to find themselves

Digg, a popular news ranking website, is running into financial problems once again. Less than six months after laying off 10% of their workforce, they are now giving pink slips to another 37% of their employees; which amounts to 25 employees based on CNET’s report.

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Speed-Racer3829d ago

They made the mistake to use Auto RSS from the start and gave big sites the advantage of pretesting the site before the equity thing they marketed for v4 was bullcrap.

Pandemic3829d ago

I found Digg to be pretty helpful, very unfortunate to hear people will be losing their jobs.

SactoGamer3829d ago

It doesn't surprise me. The site re-design sucks and I rarely find myself using it.

ASSASSYN 36o3828d ago

Same here. I totally jumped ship when it switched. I was so disappointed it was a daily visit site for me.

Speed-Racer3828d ago

Hmm I heard a guy say that with Digg coming to a death, so will the Internet... shows how irrelevant Digg really was. The internet is still here!