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How An iPad Got A Guy Placed On The No-Fly List

Jalopnik: "Last night, I flew home from Chicago. As the plane taxied the runway, the guy next to me turned on his iPad. By the time we reached LaGuardia, cops were waiting to arrest him. He's now on the no-fly list.

So what happened between Chicago and New York? Well, friends, welcome to the story of the most interesting flight I've ever been on."

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Mr_Anderson3826d ago

After reading the entire article. This guy being an asshole got him on the no fly list. The iPad was merely a prop in his idiot parade. I was laughing the whole time though reading this.

ChickeyCantor3825d ago

He is a douche because he has an ipad....see what i did there ;D

xDaRkModEx3825d ago

Funny how The ipad wasn't the reason why he got on the no-fly list. It was just his bad behavior.