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WD Caviar Green | The Biggest SATA Drive Offers 3 TB at $240

Western Digital released WD Caviar Green with 2.5 and 3 TB storage,that were built using 750GB-per-platter technology.

This proves that Western Digital stays ahead when it comes to storage capacity and low power consumption.

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Adu883832d ago

i will surely gonna buy one of this..:D

GodsHand3832d ago

Same here, but not a Western Digital, I have horrible luck with that brand.

comancsm3832d ago

I only use WD and I never had problems

GodsHand3831d ago

Yeah, I know not everyone will share the same problems I experienced, but out of the three WD HDD I've bought, they all failed on me within a couple of months. I know people who use them, but for some reason I must somehow shock the drive in a way that it will fail on me. This was back during the late 90's, so I wouldnt be surprised if it was just a generation issue, but it's kind of hard to try it again, with the bad luck i've had.

comancsm3831d ago

:)) it seems like they are your bad luck charm