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Google TV Could Be Your Next Game Console

IG writes: "The game industry is evolving quickly and online and digital are becoming more and more widespread everyday. Google has been making moves to strengthen itself in this space, and according to one analyst, the new Google TV will not only challenge Apple TV, but it'll have a direct impact on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in the video game business."

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mjurek3108d ago

Doubt it will become the next game console

Syko3107d ago

I feel like I am the only one who remembers the Ill fated Sega TV channel. Wanted it so bad as a kid without really knowing how it worked. Just knew the thought of lots of Video games on my TV was awesome...Seems like regardless of what Google ends up doing though, this is the natural progression to curb the optical media piracy that is plaguing all but the PS3 due to the insane cost of Blu Ray tech and 2% of the masses actually having the tech to duplicate a disc anyhow.