Ripten-Hands On With the Windows Phone 7 – Why It Looks Promising

RipTen is lucky enough to have a loyal reader who works for a wireless provider. He has demoed the much-hyped Windows Phone 7. Our friend also informed us that while completely functional, the phone they tested was not, “necessarily final”. Enjoy the preview:

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jaredhart4369d ago

This phone is going to be sweet!!

CrzyFooL4369d ago

Have YOU tried it? I'll believe it when I see it in stores buddeh.

pocketaces114368d ago

Probably still make you buy gold membership annually to have any functionality :)

CrzyFooL4369d ago

I'm not sold on it yet. You see the video? Games look meh. Avatars and achievements don't do it for me. I need fast service and emulators for gaming.

vicious69834369d ago

Games will be weak sauce for this.

-Mezzo-4369d ago

i have Motorola Droid & i love it, so far i haven't seen a Cell Phone good enough to replace it with.

But this new Windows Phone 7 Cellphones line looks promising, i might get it, but only if the overall performance, features are good not just for the integrated XBL or games.