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6 custom GPS mods you gotta own

Thanks to Garmin and some technologically savvy fans, you can now customize the little vehicle image in your GPS. With so many potential vehicles to choose from, here are some of the best created so far.

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After Facing Ransomware Attack, Garmin Closed Its Online Products And Services

After experiencing a ransomware attack, Garmin, the wearable giant has been forced to end websites, call centres as well as some other online services.

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1162d ago

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, Instinct and Tactix Delta Solar Editions Now Available on Amazon

The solar-powered editions of the fēnix 6 Pro, Instinct and tactix Delta smartwatches are now available on Amazon in the U.S. region.

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digitalaka1179d ago

Thank you gamergaming for sharing a detailed review, This Seems promising, lets hope for the best and looking forward to buying soon after a few reviews.


Garmin dēzl OTR700 GPS Truck Navigator Now Available on Amazon

The Garmin dēzl OTR700 GPS Truck Navigator is now available on Amazon.

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