Sizes And Pricing for Sony Google TV Family Leaked

Sony Insider: "Many of our readers out there are pretty excited about the Sony Google TV. We’ve written about it nearly a dozen times and it’s basically a television with an Intel processor and the ability to fully surf the web (including flash sites). There is other compelling features in the service, including access and search video services and direct integration with select service providers.

Some of you may secretly cross off days on the calendar till its debut on October 12th. However, your bank account also wonders what the hit will be when you fold on the impulsive desire to get that Internet TV in your bedroom or your den."

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GodsHand4322d ago

WOW, are they really expecting to sell this at those prices. Well I feel sorry for anyone who does buy into this old tech, with a new face. I can not justify the cost of these tvs, that are the same as todays tvs but with a new feature, an ethernet feature.