SpeakerCraft Responds To Downturn, New Consumers

Twice: "SpeakerCraft is changing its product and distribution strategy to survive the downturn in home construction and remodeling and win the allegiance of a growing younger population unfamiliar with the industry and with quality audio reproduction, SpeakerCraft president Jeremy Burkhardt said during the CEDIA Expo.

The whole industry, he warned, “must reinvent itself” to appeal to the next round of new home buyers or the custom industry “won’t last,” he told reporters.

To appeal to a customer base beyond wealthier older consumers who are building big homes, SpeakerCraft is diversifying into products such as high-performance iPod/iPhone/iPad-docking speaker systems and expanding its selection of high-performance in-room speakers, Burkhardt said. The company will also expand distribution of those products beyond installers to over-the-counter retailers to expand its appeal."

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