This Umbilical Cord Cable Is The Creepiest Way To Charge Your iPod

This device is actually used to charge your iPhone, only creepier and made to resemble an umbilical cord. Watch the video and be prepared to never look at an iPhone the same way again.

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domo3253122d ago

Most disturbing looking charger I've ever seen.

ObsidianSpire3122d ago

Agreed, Domo. :( THis is disgusting.

jwalkerz3122d ago

it looks like an intestine

mokmoof3122d ago

It looks like an intestine THAT COULD BEAT YOU AT CHESS.

Syko3122d ago

It would be better if it continually pulsed from the outlet to the phone as if it was moving power from the outlet directly to the phone...Instead of just moving at the phone...Still pretty cool though

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