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Stem cell court battle reaches appeals stage

The Tech: "A three-judge panel in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the stem cell case yesterday, and also rejected the University of California’s motion to become a party to the case. Additionally, the government filed several motions before the lower court late last night, seeking judgement in their favor.

The case is Sherley v. Sebelius, where adult stem cell researchers (the plaintiffs) are suing the government to prevent the use of federal money to fund human embryonic stem cell research. A lower court issued a preliminary injunction barring the work, but it has been temporarily lifted by the appeals court while it hears arguments for a more permanent lifting."

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Tuberculosis bacteria hide in the low oxygen niches of bone marrow stem cells

A new study from the Forsyth Institute is helping to shed light on latent tuberculosis and the bacteria's ability to hide in stem cells. Some bone marrow stem cells reside in low oxygen (hypoxia) zones. These specialized zones are secured as immune cells and toxic chemicals cannot reach this zone. Hypoxia- activated cell signaling pathways may also protect the stem cells from dying or ageing. A new study led by Forsyth Scientist Dr. Bikul Das has found that Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) hijack this protective hypoxic zone to hide intracellular to a special stem cell type. The study was published online on June 8th in the American Journal of Pathology.

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Scientists find way to disrupt brain tumor stem cells

Some brain tumors are notoriously difficult to treat. Whether surgically removed, zapped by radiation or infiltrated by chemotherapy drugs, they find a way to return.

The ability of many brain tumors to regenerate can be traced to cancer stem cells that evade treatment and spur the growth of new tumor cells.

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Glenn Beck’s, Five Technologies That The Government Uses To Control Us

To normal human beings technology is seen as a way towards a brighter future where we continue to push the lines of innovation, but to Glenn Beck, it’s just another tool for Uncle Sam to control us with. Beck makes no secret about his distrust of the government, especially one currently runned by a liberal.

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-Mezzo-4666d ago

lol, the Picture is full of win, But their is no denying that Governments have been using Tech to keep an "Uncomfortably" close eye on their nation.

Techsmith4666d ago

Oh sure, but Beck takes it to a whole other level.

Strongfist364666d ago

Lol, if it is all just one big conspiracy he should flee the country for fear of his own safety

Techsmith4665d ago

The amount of money he is making demands that he stay's and fight the good fight. :\

INehalemEXI4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

this is a good fight? ....

He needs to smoke something and relax IMO

Techsmith4665d ago

The man is obviously a RL troll.

tplarkin74665d ago

Using this photoshopped image of him shows that the story has no truth. If the story had truth, you wouldn't need the warped photo.

Twilightx74665d ago

Did you even read the story? It's all direct quotes - unless Mr. Beck ISN'T telling the truth, then all that's in this article are quotes and opinions.

Droidbro4665d ago

The author referred to Beck as a Republican and therefore loses all credibility. Anyone, who has watched/listened to Beck for 5 minutes know he is not only not a Republican, but is also opposed to the Republicans in office. Article fail.

maddfoxx4664d ago

Libertarian's. . . Republicans. . . meh they're all conservatives anyway.

RyuCloudStrife4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

can you please go to youtube and type glenn beck meltdown search it the first or second video will have this exact same pic and that video was posted a years ago...

tplarkin74664d ago

I know it's a legit photo of him crying, and that he cries too much. But, the lighting is clearly enhanced. Lighting can make a huge difference. O.J. Simpson's photo was darkened to make him look guilty. Also, I never said that the site edited it. I've seen this photo elsewhere.

Liberals want Conservatives to be racist Nazis. I repeat, they "WANT" them to be racist Nazis. Again, they don't "think" they are racist Nazis, they pray to their god that they are racist Nazis.

They are not interested in honest debate. They close their eyes and cover their ears and propagandize.

RyuCloudStrife4664d ago

this is nothing new both sides do those things Fox news channels is a prime example of it

michass84664d ago

When I am looking on his picture I see a man with a problem... my diagnose is... constipation lol