BmR: Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus External Drive Review

Benchmark Reviews: Hard drive capacities are expanding so fast it is easy to think, "Who actually uses a whole terabyte!?" But as storage space increases, so does the demand for fatter content. Managing even a gigabyte of files can be a cumbersome task, just imagine what it will be like to corral 1000 times that many files. "Where did that file just get saved?" To address this growing problem Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has evolved the portable hard drive by marrying the hardware with built-in content management software. Benchmark Reviews got hold of a 500 GB version of one of these new drives. Model HLSMPUA5001ABB is part of the LifeStudio Mobile Plus series and geared towards small and large storage portability. Benchmark Reviews will analyze this new breed of storage technology to see what the LifeStudio line has to offer.

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