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Nokia Says Putting Android on Phones is Like Peeing Your Pants for Warmth

Tom's Guide: "A lot of people still wonder why Nokia decided to completely forgo Android in favor of an all-Symbian line up. Here to tell us why is Nokia smartphone chief Anssi Vanjoki."

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fatstarr3133d ago

Lol nokia I am surprised you guys are still alive :]

Serg3132d ago

Well if putting Android on phones is like peing your pants for warmth, putting Symbian on phones would be the equivalent to crapping down your throat to "recycle".

Symbian sucks even more than Windows Mobile 6, and yet they won't let that outdated crap die. They have a shot at an awesome mobile OS now, Meego, and what do they do? Downplay it and try everything they can to stall development so that the stinking turd that is Symbian still has room to breathe.

And now they are even taking jabs at Android? Nokia's management should be taken behind the barn and spanked for being such morons in handling the whole smarthphone market. They slept through it and now, being the idiots that they are for not choosing Android, take jabs at it. Losers.