Boomerang Effect: Firefox 4 is 7x Faster than IE9

... at least if we believe Mozilla. Mozilla has published new benchmark results that aim to prove that IE9 is not quite as fast as Microsoft claims. In fact, Firefox has gained the edge again.

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Serg2974d ago

I would still use Firefox even if it would be the slowest browser around. The customization you can do on it is priceless, Chrome fails horribly in that regard (Yes I know you can have extensions in Chrome). Plus Chrome looks way too simplistic for my taste, I simply hate that look.

Firefox currently has a big problem with Flash on Ubuntu 10.04 (Using newest packages of both Flash and Firefox), almost every video crashes when switching from fullscreen to default size, and thanks to the newly modified crash handler, I have to wait 45 seconds every time that happens until the browser becomes usable again.

Used Chrome for a couple of days because of that, but I came running back to my beloved Firefox, even with this drawback, I still prefer it over any other browser.