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Google Chrome : Browser Market Share Now Above 10 Percent Mark

Rudefox: Google Chrome has finally managed to reach more than 10 percent market share according to data from Statcounter.

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romalias23133d ago

Google isn't playing around Chrome gets regular updates and new plugins all the time. I love chrome now ask me a year ago and I would have said it was a piece of trash, but a lot has changed since then.

Google now has flash support, full java support, and runs considerably leaner then fire-fox, which already ran leaner and safer then IE.

If you haven't tried Chrome try it, and if you tried Chrome more then 6 months ago give it another try a lot has changed since then. I'm sure you will love it's speed.

madpuppy3133d ago

I started using it regularly in Linux before I knew it. The only thing that may bring me back to Firefox is 4.0.