3 Reasons why writing more articles may not be your best web content strategy

WilsonWeb: "Search engines have long been the golden geese which deliver us free traffic. This why SEO is such a big thing, and has been for the last decade.

If you have a business online, nothing sounds more attractive than the prospect of receiving free traffic from Google, et al. Back in the bad old days, we had to spend serious dollars on advertising to get people to visits our places of business. Now we can get those visitors at no cost.

Well, there is a cost, of course. It takes time, expertise and money to optimize site pages. And you had better be pretty darned good at it, if you want your pages to appear on page one of the search results. The more competitive the keywords, the harder that job is.

As a result, everyone and his uncle is now optimizing pages for less competitive, long-tail keywords. Much easier to get onto page one. But, of course, by definition these pages don't attract a ton of traffic."

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