Do we need speech recognition to stop texting accidents?

Which? Convo: Texting and walking at the same time. Doesn’t sound too hard. Actually, one in ten mobile users have had a mishap doing just that. A proposed solution is speech recognition, but surely common sense is better?

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techie3260d ago

Really? Do you think that's actually going to work?

GodsHand3259d ago

No we need Johnny cab - from total recall.

Tuxmask553259d ago

How about just putting the phone where it cannot be reached while driving?

techie3259d ago

Yes - but how will you text and update your Facebook status then!?

andyboy1573259d ago

Soo what we are suggesting is that text messages should go from voice to text, get sent as text then say the receiver is driving they get the message from text to voice? USE THE PHONE LIKE A PHONE! Just the other day I heard of this crazy new tech, you can call a 10 digit number and someone will pick up and it will be a real time conversation! Amazing eh?

techie3259d ago

Yeah...but what about Facebook updates?