Humax HD-Fox T2 update allows two show recording - if you're in the know

Pocket-Lint: It was a feature much discussed on the launch of the Humax HD-Fox T2 - then, the first Freeview HD set-top-box onto the market - but it's taken a good five months to come to fruition: the company is finally ready to add recording functionality, as revealed on Pocket-lint on 8 September.

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The Top 5 PVRs in time for the World Cup

Pocket-Lint writes: "The sad truth of World Cup football is that it only comes around every four years and yet it's just all too easy to miss. However, if you intended on capturing every second of the show piece event in South Africa, then you might want to consider picking up one of these - the top 5 PVRs available to do the job in time and in style too. Now all you need to make sure is that you don't let anyone tell you the results before you get home."

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