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PS3 Games Hit Torrent Sites, A Waste of Blu-Ray On Some Games

While Sony is fighting PSJailbreak crime, the sneaky brains behind the PS3 hack have been working hard behind the scenes. PlayStation 3 games are now available for download in various torrent and usenet sites. The most interesting part about this, is the size of these games. Some of these games can do without a Blu-Ray.Check out the sizes...

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fatstarr3181d ago

wat is this.
I knew it !!

god of war is hugee
gotta love and hate the internet
the strongest power in the world = the internet
give the internet a week and permission and every game in existence would be up

XANDEO3180d ago

I wonder what MGS4 is?

Elven63180d ago

Old, PS3 games were ripped shortly after the PS3 launch. They weren't very popular since you couldn't do anything with them.

GodsHand3180d ago

Of course most of these games area waste, thye have to conform to the limitation of DVD-9 format to fit on one disc, and also, most companies will not commit to a sole console for profit, and limit resources to produce a game.