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MMGN: iWork: Keynote Review

MMGN: iWork is Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office on the iPad, featuring Pages (Word), Keynote (Powerpoint) and Numbers (Excel). While all three applications feature gorgeous user interfaces, just how well do they perform at making you productive in an office environment? Today we are taking a look at Keynote.

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CatGlue3147d ago

9/10 is pretty high, I was thinking about if this is worth buying, but now definitely will buy.

Gaetano3147d ago

I am still on the fence. Not really sure if I need it considering all the other better and cheaper stuff out there.

Pilkingbod3147d ago

Looks like the iPad is shaping up nicely. Good luck to them.

jerryhu3147d ago

looks great!
Not sure if I need it though

kk13873147d ago

the range of tools allowing the iPad to act like a netbook is good, and considering this got a 9/10, it goes to show the iPad can do great as a work tool.