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SplitFish announced street dates for new FragFX gaming controllers

November 1st, 2010, is the official street date for the upcoming FragFX Shark, Barracuda and Pirahna gaming controllers from SplitFish. The company announced the street date for its new line of first person shooter game peripherals today, stating that the release is designed to coincide with Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops release.


Game Guys grade: SplitFish's FragFX Shark

In the crowded market of video game peripherals, it really takes something unique to stand out among the rest. While a number of accessory makers both well-known and unknown are making gamepads that offer little variation from brand-to-brand, SplitFish's FragFX Shark is so radically different that it can't help but to stand out.


Splitfish announces power-saving FragFX Shark controller for PS3, PC and Mac

Engadget: SplitFish isn't providing a ton of details on this one just, but it has announced that its new FragFX Shark controller for the PS3, PC and Mac will be making its official debut at Gamescon later this month, and it's given us our first look at it.

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