Texas opens inquiry into Google search results

Google Inc.'s methods for recommending websites are being reviewed by Texas' attorney general in an investigation spurred by complaints that the company has abused its power as the Internet's dominant search engine.

The antitrust inquiry disclosed by Google late Friday is just the latest sign of the intensifying scrutiny facing the company as its enters its adolescence. Since its inception in a Silicon Valley garage 12 years ago, Google has gone from a quirky startup to one of the world's most influential businesses with annual revenue approaching $30 billion.

A spokesman for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott confirmed the investigation, but declined further comment.

The review appears to be focused on whether Google is manipulating its search results to stifle competition.

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fatstarr3147d ago

if thats the way the algorithm works i dont get it
there's 50 search engines on the internet
the top 3 use their own tech if your site doesn't rank up there then maybe its not cool enough. like seriously if you searched video game sites and n4g came b4 ign you would say wtf ign pulls in 10million hits but n4g barely gets close to 1mill. that's the way the internet works.