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IBM claims world's fastest processor with 5.2GHz z196

Don't blink -- if you do, you may miss IBM's new processor. The company is boldly claiming that the chip within IBM's new zEnterprise clocks in at 5.2GHz, making it the world's fastest microprocessor.

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fatstarr3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )


Intel 10core server chips
IBM 5.2 ghz processor
AMD unknown stuff

all coming together to make a super epic awesome 100k CPU chip
almost priceless :]

I cant wait for the day when personal computers can be dual socket cpu's
id love 10 cores.

GodsHand3150d ago

I remember when you would see every 2-4 months a new CPU would come out with faster clock speeds, such as 233MHz, to 400 MHz, to 800 MHz. I would figure by now we should off seen 200 Ghz cpus. I know that dual cores, and multi thread cpus are the newest fad right now, but to see cpus not getting clocked any faster then 5.2 Ghz, other then by overclockers, seems a little hard to swallow. I thought by now would would of seen atleast one cpu capable of out putting 1 THz (Terahert). I know most apps, and software would not need, or even take advantage of the speed, but what is with the lag in CPU clokcing speeds. Oh well atleast they broke the 5 GHz barrier.

zen23148d ago

Computer scientists are reaching the limit of around 5ghz in computation for cpu. There is a formula for efficiency in cpu performance and it's estimated at around 5ghz at the moment. This led to multi-core theory to enhance performance of the cpu. But from my understanding (actually took a course about cpu computation), we are reaching the limit of one core processor speed.