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BmR: Genius HS-03U USB Gaming Headset Review

Benchmark Reviews: If you are a gamer, then chances are you enjoy the sounds and music of your favorite games. A good set of headphones is a great addition to any gamer's equipment, especially if you play in a common area such as a dorm room, living room, or just like to become fully immersed in the sounds. Additionally, if you play a game that uses voice chat, an attached microphone is essential for hassle-free communication with your friends or foes. Genius has provided Benchmark Reviews their USB Circumaural Headset, model HS-03U. This headset boasts features such as noise-cancellation, in-line volume control, and vibration. Stay tuned as Benchmark Reviews tests out these features, and many more on the Genius HS-03U Headset.

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What is better Ryzen or Intel? - Best PC Design

What is better Ryzen or Intel? Choosing a processor for a PC can be a daunting task, especially if you're new to computing.

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Apple mixed reality headset reportedly 'delayed' to later in 2023, says lead analyst

The Apple AR/VR headset is being held back by software, claims new report

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EvilCackle362d ago

Really hoping they use the AirPods Max case for this thing. That'd be hilarious.

SwiderMan362d ago

Such a strong hero image. Because it's the hero image the internet deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

72d ago

Is Steam Deck better than PC?

They each have their own advantages.

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